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Talked about the power of online video with these folks yesterday. So proud of the good this community is doing. #vidcon

zoe being weird but cute (◕‿◕✿)

Cindy-Lou Who & Mysterious New Camera | VLOGMAS Day 19 [x]


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In which they are both Jack

So i’ve been studying abroad in London since January and I’ve truly fallen in love with this city. I’m originally from California so coming here was a big change, but it has definitely been the most amazing experience. I’ve been lucky enough to run into Jack and Finn while being here. I’m a huge fan of Jacksgap and they inspire me in several ways. One day, I was heading down the stairs of a tube station and right after I had said to my friend “I wish I could meet Finny, she turned around and said “Wait, OMG isn’t that him?” and it turns out it was which was honestly the weirdest thing ever. I was so surprised, but of course I had to go up to say hello. I said hello to him and said I was a huge fan and asked if he wouldn’t mind taking a picture. He said “Yes of course, but i’m sure you’ll want to see this one.” He then points across the tube station and standing there is Jack. I really couldn’t control my excitement so I started jumping up and down and yelled “JACK!” he then starts doing a little jump and I run up to him and hug him. I told Jack that I’d been wanting to buy Maoams for them just in case i’d ever run into them but he then said “Aw, that’s okay. We’ve got loads at home.” This was honestly one of the funniest experiences and i’m so lucky to have run into these twins because they were so kind and just as I expected them to be. I never thought i’d meet them thought because London is so big and what are the odds of running into them!? But it actually happened. Their content and everything they do is truly inspiring and they’ve accomplished so much. I love how they have so much passion for what they do. 

I’ve not only run into Jack and Finn once, but again randomly saw Finn out one night. The first time being at a tube station in February and this next time was while I was out with friends around Picadilly Circus in March. He’s literally so sweet, and i’m still in awe that i’ve run into him in person more than once. It’s a little crazy since London is so big. 

-Jillian F. from London